Applying bright nail paints or getting a glittery manicure may be the best way to brighten up your day at times. Even putting on a transparent coat of nail lacquer may totally add that extra zing to those dull, boring nails, but turns out, your nail paint might adding to your waistline.

According to researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group, a common nail polish ingredient found in popular brands may be dangerous, especially for people who frequently paint their nails.

The culprit is Triphenyl phosphate or TPHP, and it’s typically used to make polishes more durable and flexible. 

TPHP, also used to make plastic and to stop foam furniture from catching fire, may have been introduced to nail polishes to replace phthalates, which studies have linked to reproductive issues. However, looks like, the replacement is not any better.

TPHP is an endocrine disruptor, which means it interferes with hormones and may be linked to weight gain.

Separate studies have indicated that TPHP is an endocrine disruptor – which means, it can make hormones go haywire. Tests on animals have shown reproductive and developmental problems as a result. According to scientists, it may be linked to weight gain in human beings. 

The chemical is included in almost half the nail polishes and transparent nail polish has more TPHP than coloured ones.

Some polishes contain this element which disrupts our hormonal balance even if they claim they do not use it. Studies suggest that transparent nail polishes usually contain more TPHP than coloured ones. 

Separate studies show that women process more TPHP than men.

The fact that women process more of it than men may be because of the possibility that they might be absorbing it through other cosmetic products. 

In an experiment conducted by applying nail paint that contained 1% of the element on 26 people, every single one of the 26 participants had elevated levels of TPHP – some, up to seven times the norm that is, 10 to 14 hours after painting their nails.

In case you’re wondering if there can ever be any solution, do not worry – just do your research and pick a nail polish that, you know, doesn’t contain TPHP (hint: organic) or DIY your own nail paint with natural products and cheer yourself up with a glittery mani without any worry!

Paint it healthy!