Someone once said that being called weird is like being called limited edition. Basically you are something people don’t see that often. But then, there are people who are the limited edition deluxe gold pack. So weird that even someone as smart as Dr Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory won’t be able to understand them.

It’s true Sheldon. If you don’t believe me, have a look. These will surely lift you off your ‘spot’:

1. No wonder the banana wanted to split. 

2. That’s how gangstas do it. You make any man your bitch and roll around town.

3. NSFW Anywhere.

4. Move over low waist jeans, presenting the high rise trousers!

5. “Psst, drunken money, there’s a camera behind you. But don’t worry, I’ll distract them with my ass crack.”

6. Clearly, she tuned into the wrong channel.

7. Bloody coke heads!

8. This guy stitched together the perfect picture.

9. Some dogs never have their day.

10. F**k the bus, I’m taking the water.

11. “Shit bro, I hope you make it.”

12. Milk, fish, sucking cucumbers topless and wearing your denims sideways. This is clearly a bachelor party.

13. Please don’t try this at home. You’ll get screwed.

14. God alone knows where this golfer lost his balls.

15. “Let it go dear, that thing got you here.”

16. Just had too much petrol the previous night.

17. The real chic magnet.

18. Can you imagine what he does when he’s kidding?

19. “Hey can you toss me the dog please?”

20. If you think this dude is weird…

21. Check out his bad boy.

22. “Ministry of Magic, here I come.”

23. They have a very hole-some relationship.

24. This guy really thinks his baby doll is sone ki. #Creepy&Possessive

25. 2nd Bunny: “Are we wearing the right camouflage?”

26. That’s how you fool a dog into thinking it’s overweight.

27. She’s just really happy with this toy.

28. “She’d be happier if she had me.”

29. Honey, I thought all Sheikhs buy Rachel’s cat & have pierced nipples.

30. Those swans will never recognize me now!

31. Damn girl! That was one crazy night!

32. Because eating food is too mainstream!

33. These dudes are so turned on!

34. So thoughtful, now you can actually wait your turn (and get an estimate of when you’ll be in).

35. Let’s see how your right heart beats.


Told you, bro… Bazinga!