While the specifics of dreams vary from person to person, here are the most probable interpretations of some of the most common dreams.

1. Falling Endlessly

This stems from any crisis in some domain of your life and indicates anxieties about losing control, letting go, or somehow, encountering failure after success.


 2. Flying High

It inspires people to let go of the ongoing issues in life and allow things to run their natural course. It’s the liberating feeling that you get after conquering something that had been dragging you down.


3. Being chased

The dream implies that you are living with a constant feeling of threat related to something in real life which needs attention.


4. Being naked in public

It’s a reflection of the consistent feeling of insecurity and vulnerability in your life. The dreadful thought of being exposed in any way, emotionally, physically or mentally gives rise to such dreams.


5. Death

The most probable reason for this is that you’re trying to break away from something in life. This can be perceived as a sign to embark on a new journey, to explore and welcome fresh endeavors. 


6. Killing

This just means that you want to get rid of a specific personality characteristic. And the solution is to make some changes in yourself!


7. Running haplessly and not reaching anywhere

Do your dreams include aimlessly running in search of something, yet everything feels like a maze? You can pin the blame on being held back in your real life.


8. Drowning

The dream speaks about the feelings of hopelessness you’ve been harboring in the corners of your mind. 


9. Exams

If you wake up restless thinking that you just failed a test miserably, that nightmare points towards your lack of confidence and inability to progress in life. 


10. Being trapped

Your inability to move on or walk away from a complicated situation in reality is reflected in these dreams where you’re caged, aching to break free.


11. Teeth Falling Out

These dreams are associated with how you perceive yourself. Anxieties related to appearance, acceptance and embarrassment reflect on your dearth of power and self-confidence. 


12. Being Late

The unsettling feeling of losing a crucial opportunity in your dream is linked to your worries about the big hanging question, ‘What am I doing with my life’. This happens when you are overwhelmed with too many responsibilities and time seems to slip away.


14. Hands Tied

Feeling captive in a situation symbolizes your feelings of helplessness in your waking hours. 


15. Cheating partner 

This happens when you get paranoid regarding your relationship due to lack of trust and other differences. 


16. Face off with demons

Having gruesome dreams about demons sneaking in and out of your peaceful dream palace? Take notice, your repressed emotions are giving life to the scary phantoms. 


16. Babies

If babies keep reappearing in your dream, it might be because you yearn to have a family of your own. Or, it is just an indication that you want a fresh start in life.


 17. Haircut

As per studies, hair symbolizes virility. If your dreams constitute a fair amount of haircuts, this is a sign of loss of libido in reality.


18. Dressed Shabbily

The horrific dream where everyone looks down on you because of poor appearance comes from your low self-esteem and your doubts about the way you look. 


19. Fierce snakes

You need to sort out your inner conflicts and move past the feelings of guilt and shame to get some relief from these vicious dreams.


20. Driving an out-of-control vehicle

Your low confidence about achieving success and thoughts about being off track tends to spark these dreams.


Paying attention to your recurring dreams can help you know your stance in life, so that you can change it for the better.