Chronic and recurrent pains are a reality that a lot of people have to live with, and constantly popping pills and taking meds has its own range of side effects. To battle this in a natural and organic manner, a lot of people are turning to reflexology, which is an alternative healing technique that involves the application of pressure to different parts of the body with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques without the use of oil or lotion. 

One technique of particular interest is ear reflexology, which can be done by a professional or simply done by yourself, and helps relax the body and relieve pain.

In fact, you can place a clothespin on each of the six pressure points on your ear for five seconds each to achieve certain desired effects.

Each point has a direct effect on different parts of your system, namely: back and shoulders – 1, organs – 2, Joints – 3, sinuses and throat – 4, digestion – 5, head and heart – 6.

There’s also a bunch of videos online, like the one below, explaining how it works, and honestly, it looks pretty easy, and completely painless! Now I just need to stock up on some clothespins, never know when I might need to sort out some aching joints.