As a writer, I’m bound to have opinions. 

Everything I write can never find agreement from every person who reads it. Some agree, some choose to disagree. That’s fair though. Not everyone has to have the same opinion as me. Unfortunately, in today’s time, things don’t just stay as a polite disagreement.

Today, having a different opinion is a crime. A crime than invites hate, abuse and insult.

As a generation, we’ve become so mean, so judgmental and intolerant, we’re unable to accept anything that doesn’t find consent with our point of view.

And to express our anger, we’re willing to go to any lengths. 

Ever since social media got really popular, suddenly, everyone has a platform to express their opinion. 

You can tweet what you want, share posts or comment on what others have said. Ideally, this should’ve allowed for a healthy exchange of thoughts and ideas, helping everyone have informed opinions.

Unfortunately, social media is now the breeding ground for trolls. And these trolls have taken upon themselves to make sure that nothing and no one is spared.

The Telegraph

Take, for instance, what happens on Twitter.

A celebrity tweets on something and soon, a whole bunch of people decide to attack the person with vicious comments, most of which have nothing to do with what the celebrity said in the first place.

Slut-shaming, body-shaming, name-calling, etc, are rampant on Twitterverse! 

And if you think it’s a problem only celebrities have to deal with, you clearly haven’t been on Twitter.

Pretty much everyone who’s ever said anything against the ‘popular’ opinion has faced it.

What is it that makes our generation so intolerant?

It wasn’t too long ago when we could happily exchange opinions with friends without getting down and dirty. We’d agree to disagree and there wasn’t any unpleasantness.

Even with strangers, we’d be fine if they thought otherwise. Our minds weren’t so aggressive and so vehemently against anyone who had a different opinion than our own.

Haven’t you wondered, then, what has happened now?


Is it because social media gives us a platform, something we earlier never had?

Hiding behind an online identity, just because it’s safe to say whatever we want, aren’t we taking undue advantage of what we’ve been given? Even the comments section of a YouTube video has a war-like situation with people resorting to hurling abuses at the drop of a second!

Just because the other person can’t reach you, do we always have to give hate in return to someone’s opinion? 

All that other person has done is express themselves. We can do that to. Without any abuses. Without any trolling. 

So, what’s making us stoop so low?


As a generation, we’re certainly not considered the most revered ones.

Elders have much to say about our lifestyle choices, career paths and personal equations. Now, that is certainly worth questioning. 

But what’s without a doubt true is our generation’s intolerance. 

Instead of using technology for a good purpose, we’re using it to spread hate and anger.

There’s much to be said about not saying much. 

If we can’t say anything good, we can certainly choose not to say anything bad, right?

There’s way too much of hatred spreading like wildfire in the world, already. 

Let’s not aggravate things on social media, shall we?

Everyone has to right to have an opinion. You have the right to disagree too. 

But let’s go easy on the hate, shall we?

I’m sure a lot of you will have a lot of not-so-nice things to say about this article too. But then again, that just proves my point, doesn’t it!