For true blooded dog lovers, every dog is alike. A purebred Labrador is as special as the Indian Rajapalayam or even a stray. But there are some people who just claim to be dog lovers. What’s the difference? Well, for starters, a dog lover will know the responsibilities that comes with keeping a dog. 

Second, even a purebred dog lover will never abandon their pet just because they are too busy to take care of it. A dog lover will always take care of dogs like their own babies. Whereas, a person who claims to love dogs will only love the idea of owning one, not taking full responsibility of one.


Thanks to the DGFT (Directorate General of Foreign Trade), dog lovers in India cheered, and got a reason to celebrate with their canine companions. On Thursday, the DGFT announced the ban on the import of foreign pedigree dogs for commercial activities, such as breeding. The news made many heave a sigh of relief, while others (the breeders) were clearly miffed, and cursed every one who supported the ban.

If you’re a true dog lover, then we’re sure you support the ban. If you do not, then we suggest you read on. We hope to give you enough reasons to welcome this ban.

For some, purebred dogs are a status symbol

A dog lover wouldn’t mind what breed of dog he/she has. But there are people who look at purebreds as a way to up their status symbol. Just like their expensive cars, and their branded shoes, they will buy a Saint Bernard or a Chihuahua to show off how much they are willing to spend on their dog. In actuality, it’s all just money, with little love for the dog.


Since there’s demand of purebred dogs, some breeders turn it into a business and…

Often, these breeders mate two different dogs who are not suitable to breed together, just to make a unique breed of superdog which will fetch them a high market value. What they forget in the process is that the puppies born out of this abnormal way might not survive for long or have some genetic disorders. The bitch’s health is also at risk when they try such experimental combinations. Selective breeding is against the nature, and we hope the ban will help fix this situation also.


Each year, the number of purebreds being abandoned is rising and one horrible reason is that they looked cute as puppies and now are too big to handle

In a zest to own a dog, many people go to a breeder or a pet shop and buy one that catches their fancy. When the puppy arrives home, it’s a ‘tiny little ball of fur’, ‘the cutest thing on earth’, and a lot of ‘coochie coos’. But as soon as the puppy starts teething, shedding fur, and growing big, many owners realise that taking care of a dog means more than just giving it food, strolls by the servant and visits to the vet.


The number of imported dogs who have been abandoned by their owners is shocking. These dogs are bought on a whim, and left to die on the streets because the owner could not deal with the responsibilities that came with it.  

Many imported dogs are not fit for a tropical climate like India’s

Siberian Husky, French Mastiff, Saint Bernard, Alaskan Malamute – all these dogs cannot survive in a hot climate like India’s. These dogs belong to cold regions. Their coats, their diet, their metabolism, everything helps them to cope up with the cold they were born into. But high demand by enthusiasts based on their looks and their uniqueness many are imported, and kept in air-conditioned rooms. But an air conditioner is not and never can be a good substitute for the cold weather they were made for.

The ban will hopefully encourage more dog lovers to adopt

There are thousands of dogs at shelter homes and pet rescue centres are flooding with abandoned dogs. These dogs are waiting to be adopted by a home that will give them the love and attention they crave. So instead of shopping for dogs online like you shop for your clothes and bags, reach out to the closest pet rescue centre and adopt a dog.


If you’re still unconvinced, we suggest you read this Facebook post in full and understand to what extent the commercial breeders go to create a market for purebreds.

If this post moves you, then support the ban. If the article makes any sense to you and you’re a true blooded dog lover, we encourage you to adopt your next pet, and not shop.

Feature image source: RedPawsRescue | Masthead image source: petsworld