You remember the first time you heard yourself in a recorded video or just a voice note? Did it sound weird to you? In case you were wondering why you sounded so high pitched and weird, there’s actually a scientific reason behind it. Read on to know why.

The inner ear process vibrations in the air to register sound

Sound basically travels in the form of vibration in air particles which your outer ear catches and tunnels down into the inner ear. The cochlea in the inner ear then processes the vibrations and sends the processed signals to the brain.

Generally we hear ourselves through vibrations both from outside and inside the body

When we hear ourselves speak, it’s a little different from hearing sounds otherwise. In this case, the ear catches the outer vibrations and those from within our bones also called bone-conducted sound.

For this reason, we hear ourselves on a pitch slightly lower than actuality

Now, it’s not just the lower pitch that we like but our liking for our own voice that we hear inside happens to be due to the mere exposure effect. The effect causes our brains to grow a liking to things that we are exposed to over and over again.

Check out this video that explains the phenomenon: