It’s a total win-win situation. And a pair of Converse shoes fulfill both purposes for me.

I’ve always been a sucker for comfort over style when it comes to shoes. But what gets me going is when you get comfort as well as style. 


I’ve been often told by my girlfriends to try to look a little more ‘ladylike’, and to wear heels with dresses. I mean, if you want to be in a constant state of pain, be my guest but I’m good.

At least, I’m not the one whining about shoe bites and my feet feeling like death all the time.

And c’mon, you have to admit that Converse shoes are cool AF. Also, there’s no end to the variety of colours and patterns available.

There’s something for everyone! Have a thing for blacks and whites? Or are bright colours more of your style? Chuck Taylor has got you covered.


And it’s always fun to get a little creative with the laces as per your desire. 


I know the argument of heels making you look taller and sexier comes into picture here but to be honest, I don’t need the worry of falling every time I take a step if I can just kick back in my pair of ‘All Stars’.


And on days when my friends somehow convince me to wear the devil of all footwear, I take them off faster than the speed of light.

But it backfires when I’m the one having the time of my life whereas my girlies are sitting down because their feet have teleported them to a land of pain.

Also, Converse shoes always have your back and I don’t think there’s a single case of ‘All Stars’ ever breaking down while heels ditch you all the time to the point of you getting hurt at times.


Converse shoes are like a blessing in disguise. They literally go with every kind of attire so you never have to worry about looking stupid.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, Converse shoes are age-appropriate for all of us. They’re literally my bachpan ka pyaar jo jawaani mein bhi saath hai.

 All hail the comfort of Converse shoes!