Not a lot of us are comfortable admitting it in the open, but a good poop in the morning is truly one of the most underrated pleasures of life, really. Dropping that motherload and getting off the pot feeling dhai kilo lighter is truly the way to start you day, I think we can all agree.

But if you’ve ever dared to look back at the damage you’ve done before you erase all evidence of it, you’ll notice that sometimes, your little mudpies float around in the toilet, and sometimes they sink right to the bottom. Why do you think that happens? Let us shit some light on the subject. Shed. I mean shed some light.


As reported by Lad Bible, poop expert and owner of, Anish Sheth explains that poop sinking to the bottom of the bowl is a sign of healthy bowel movement.


If it floats, it may not be cause for much concern, but it certainly indicates something’s amiss in your diet and digestive process.


Floating shits are caused by one of two things. Either it’s trapped gas – from all the rajma and soda you’ve been having. Or it’s because whatever you ate was passed through you too quickly, without being processed properly – making them extra greasy and smellier than usual – indicating that the nutrients weren’t all absorbed by the body.


For most people, floaters do make an appearance every now and then. But if it happens to you too often, you may want to have your poop checked out.

I Want Ice Water

Thanks to us, you now know your stank a little bit better. You’re very welcome.

Feature source: Colourbox