Whether it is going to work everyday or going for a fancy party, most of us girls never step out without either kajal or some tint on our lips. Only a person who wears makeup can understand how wonderful it feels getting ready and putting that blood red on your lips before stepping out of home. 

But often, in a drunken stupor or just out of sheer laziness, we often tend to sleep with our makeup on. But ladies, if continued for long, it can prove to be really harmful for your skin. After all, we ain’t no Kim Kardashian to afford pearly gold facials every day, right?

So what happens when you sleep with your makeup on?

1. Foundation

Foundation might be the best product that gives your skin an even tone if you sleep without removing it, it can cause acne to flare up and can also produce fine lines on your face. It can also lead to wrinkles and breaking down of collagen, the tissue that gives your skin the firmness it has. Now you don’t want your skin to look like a wrinkled mango. So get rid of that foundation before sleeping. 


2. Eye shadow or Eye makeup

The glittery eye shadows might be the most happening trend, but you have to ditch your laziness and wash that glitter right off your eyelids before you sleep. Not doing so can clog the little oil glands and hair follicles around your eyes and cause serious infections like styes. Trust me, it’s just better to take care of it so that you don’t have to wear sunglasses in the dead of the night and look like a douche because of a nasty red bulge on your eyelid.


3. Mascara

While you’re drifting away, you might rub your eyes, or worse, the mascara may peel off and end up in your eyes. You don’t want that, do you? Getting the mascara gel in your eyes can cause serious eye irritation and infections. Ladies, wash it off! Precaution is better than cure, right?


4. Lipstick

If you’re one of those who would never set foot outside without some colour on your lips, join the club, ladies. But caution has never harmed anyone, so before you sleep, take a cotton, use your makeup remover and wipe that pretty red off your lips. There is a component of wax present in many lipsticks that can clog the pores around your lips, which can result in tiny blackheads around your pucker. Also, you don’t want to wake up to horribly chapped lips because just like your skin, your lips need to renew itself and sleep time is the best to do so. 


5. Primer

Primers are the best thing that humans have invented. They conceal, and hold everything in place so that whatever you put over it looks superbly better. But don’t sleep with it still on. Spending a whole day outside can attract pollutants to your skin and they stick to your skin with the makeup. If not removed before sleeping, it can lead to premature ageing. Why look 30 when you’re just 20, right?


How you remove your makeup also plays a major role. So don’t take the shortcut and just wash your face with a face wash. Give your skin some love – remove your make up with a makeup remover, wash your face, exfoliate and pat dry. 


Sleeping for one night in your makeup might not ruin your skin in the most horrible of ways. But do not make it a habit. Just like you remember to take out your lenses (if you wear them, obviously), always remember to take off your makeup and sleep. Let your skin breathe and revitalize itself. 

Our skin has a great way to repair itself, so let it do its magic so that you wake up to a fresh, beautiful face.