According to a research, approximately 102465 number of flights take off everyday around the globe, taking passengers to their desired destinations comfortably and in very less time.

With so many advantages, it is easy to look through negative aspects of flights. But to give you a reality check, here are 12 scary facts about airplanes that might make you rethink your next plane journey.

1. These 11 minutes are the scariest.

While being hundreds of feet above the ground does not sound safe at any point, 3 minutes before takeoff and 8 minutes before touchdown are said to be most dangerous. A research has shown that 80 % of accidents happen during these time slots and require you to be extra alert.


2. Increasing pollution will lead to increased turbulence.

Yes, pollution is not only affecting your internal organs, it is also putting your life on risk by increasing the turbulence experienced during flights.


3. Pilots fall asleep during flights.

The people you trust your life with, are sleeping for a majority of time during the flight. The airplanes run on high class technology and the human assistance is needed only to control the switches and make passengers feel safer. Well, that was some revelation!


4. The planes are full of germs you can’t see. 

Due to tight schedule, the planes are not cleaned between two successive flights and the seats and handles which look clean to the eyes are in fact very, very dirty. Even the earphones which come inside packets are used by passengers travelling before you. Carrying a sanitizer might be a sensible thing to do.


5. Those oxygen masks won’t last for more than 15 minutes.

Airlines have tricked us into believing that oxygen masks last for 15 minutes because in that duration, the pilot will bring the plane down to an altitude where you can breathe normally. While the latter part of the story might not be entirely true, the oxygen will definitely run out in 15 minutes. Feel scared, yet?


6. You have only 90 seconds to escape in case of a fire.

A minute and a half is all you’ve got to escape fire on the plane because beyond that, it will spread all around. To increase your chances of survival, wear fabrics like cotton while flying because synthetics stick and melt to your skin.


7. Turbulence can kill you. 

Turbulence is listed as the number one reason for non-fatal aviation accidents, so you might not want to take that seat belt sign too casually. Make sure you do not get up when the sign is illuminated and are buckled properly when you are sitting on the seat.

8. You will never know if the plane is flying on one engine.

Well, not until something bad happens. Planes are designed to be able to fly for long periods of time on just one engine and usually pilots do not let the passengers know about it, to not create any panic.


9. Pilots are not fed plane food.

While you crib about the bad quality food on flights, pilots are served different meals because the airlines can’t risk them suffering from food poisoning. Join the dots, guys.

10. The real reason behind the use of life jackets is not what you think it is.

In case of a crash, a life jacket is less likely to save life and more likely to make identification easy afterwards. Sounds crazy but it is said to be true.