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Unfortunately, we live in a society where women are told to accept things the way they are. Take everything, every decision, that people have made for them, without batting an eyelid. They are told to walk a certain way, dress a certain way and are even ‘taught’ how to talk a certain way. If these restrictions and rules weren’t enough, our patriarchal society thought it’d be fit to say that ‘girls don’t fight.’ 

Bollywood celebrity Kangana Ranaut and Reebok through their #FitToFit campaign are taking a stand against such patriarchal stereotypes. 

The driving force behind this campaign is Kangana, who despite being an outsider in Bollywood made it big. Her success is proof that no matter what the situation, if you make up your mind, then nothing is impossible. 

Reebok’s new ad is a message to all women to never give up, fight for themselves and fight for what is theirs. It’s about giving strength to yourself when life puts you in nerve-racking situations. 

Watch the video below and see how this lady, who through her inner strength and dedication was able to teach eve-teasers a much-needed lesson. Proving that #Girl’sDon’tFight.