It has been 6 years since Outlook 2010 came out and made lives easier for us. It definitely was an improvement over its predecessor Outlook 2007 – simple to use and pleasing to the eye. 


One of the new things introduced in Outlook 2010 was the “People Pane”. 

No, it isn’t something to do with The Rock. It is, in fact, a panel that shows recent e-mails from a contact, including any appointments that you might have had with them along with bits and pieces of other info.

But did you know, the most interesting part about the People Pane?

If you’ve ever carefully surveyed the default picture, you might be able to recognize the famous personality whose silhouette is being displayed.

It is none other than Bill Gates! Yes, the creator of Microsoft surveys us from “beyond”. 

Before you go hating on me for making that preposterous assumption, here is the picture. 


Also, another fun fact: It is not any other picture of Bill Gates. It’s actually a mugshot of him for a driving offence in 1977!


Well, the Microsoft God is omnipresent!