They say mothers know best. Indeed, our mothers seem to have magical healing powers. We may find the best of doctors and a whole lot of tips on the internet about how to heal ourselves when we fall sick, but when it comes to finding cure to common aliments, we all immediately run to our mommies. Even as adults. Here are some thing that prove that your mother is the best doctor in the whole wide world.

“Whatever else is unsure in this stinking dunghill of a world, a mother’s love is not.” – James Joyce

1. Adrak wali chai works like a charm when you have a sore throat.

2. She believes that no amount of modern medicines can cure a stomachache quite like ajvain can.

3. When you have a cold, she believes in using only Vicks Vaporub to give you some relief from a stuffy nose for good 8 hours so you sleep like a baby. 

And remember how she would lovingly apply it on your back, chest and feet before putting on socks so you’d stay warm and sleep well. 

4. If you have an embarrassing case of gas, Mom would make you have methi daana

5. Your mother taught you that steam is the best cure for a blocked nose. And there’s nothing better than steam and the motherly touch of Vicks vaporub added to it. 

6. And when you have fever, her cold compressions do the job best.

7. Though we all hated the haldi milk that our mothers force-fed us, we know that it did wonders for our immunity.

8. She made sure you never get anaemia by giving you a daily dose of anaar ka juice.

9. Your mother has taught you that a pinch of salt is the best cure for nausea.

10. Our mothers knew how terrified we were of dentists. That’s why every time you had a toothache, Mom made you suck on a clove.

And when all else fails, Mom knows how to hug your sorrows away. 

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