While she may be a borderline sociopath, I'm admittedly a little bit in awe of her diabolical awesomeness. Here are just a few ways Ma Sheela is basically all of us.

1. She's a bit of a potty mouth.

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Pretty much like us f*cking sailors.

2. She overuses her signature catchphrase.

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Exactly like how we overkill whatever phrase we latched on to for the month. Amiright?

3. She has an unhealthy obsession with a male celebrity.

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Hey, Fawad!

4. She'll go to tremendous lengths to destroy her enemies.

Welcome to the world of screenshots, bitches.

5. She has a loyal squad she can summon when needed.

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Where my bitches at?

6. She has massive FOMO.

And I... ahem she. She needs to know what's going on everywhere.

7. She feels a sense of accomplishment when she gets others intoxicated.

On alcohol and umm... substances.

8. She has bad hair days.

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With a brave face on!

9. She's extremely petty on the inside.

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*Secretly plots revenge for not getting a party invite*

10. She loves attention.

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And why shouldn't we... ahem she. Why shouldn't she?

11. She loves to party hard.

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Tough titties!