A mass marriage of 104 differently abled couples solemnised in Ujjain city in Madhya Pradesh has found a place in the Golden Book of World Records, a government official said today. 

The mass marriage event was held yesterday. “This was for the first time in the world when 104 physically-challenged couples tied the knot at one place. This record got entry into the Golden Book of World Records,” a public relations department officer said.

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Officials of the Golden Book of World Records presented a certificate to the Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Thawar Chand Gehlot and District Collector Sanket Bhondve. Leaders of different religions solemnised the marriages of 77 Hindu, 26 Muslim and one Sikh couple.

The programme had been organised by the district administration with the help of social organisations. The official said during the event, one more record was set. “Another record was set during this mass marriage ceremony. 

A large gift pack was prepared with the public participation. This also got entry into Golden Book of World Records for being the largest gift pack,” the official added.