"Girls should not masturbate, it's immoral."

"Bacche nahi honge agar yeh sab karne lagi toh."

"Only men masturbate. Don't you know that?"

If it was up to our society, masturbation would have been sold like one gupt rog, with no remedy. Oh wait! It already has. 

Since Eve ate that damn apple, women everywhere have been bearing the brunt of it. Women aren't supposed to do this, women aren't supposed to do that... Yada yada. Our personal favourite (actually, we have two) is - Women should not masturbate and women aren't as sexual as men. 

Well, we've got news for you friend. Women are just as horny (perhaps even more) as men.  

The good folks at Agents of Ishq, who've been advocates of giving sex the good name that it deserves, conducted a survey on masturbation. They asked women where, how, with what, and when they masturbate, and the responses are quite interesting. 

Around 100 women took the survey, and these are some confessions they made:  

Thoda masturbation and all is fine man! 

To read the full survey, visit Agents Of Ishq.