Being a parent is a full-time job. It's tough as hell. You feel unappreciated at times. You have to sacrifice a LOT of your social life. You have to...Well, you get the general idea, right? In short, it ain't easy.

However, there are some parents out there who have zero fucks to give. Parents, who don't believe in acting all nice and cute with their kids. Parents who believe in toughening them up, because hey, life's never fair. Just like these Spartans right here. Check 'em out.

1. Dog is a man's best friend. What purpose do YOU serve?

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2. Now you know where 'Baby Oil' comes from.

Source: Xian

3. Ab toh sirf tere ki kandhon ka sahara hai.

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4. Baccha toh zindagi bhar rahega. Magar ice-cream melt ho jaayegi.

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5. Bus ke 10/- bach gaye. Ab unse ek naya plot khareedoonga.

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6. "Get me outta here, before he opens his eyes!"

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7. Son: "Dad, I wanna hang-out with my friends."


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8. "Mera beta bada hoke gymnast banega."

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9. Some parents just don't trust public transport.

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10. I want my kid to be as close to nature as possible.

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11. I wonder where my kid went? Wait, lemme call 911.

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12. So what if he suffocates? Sar toh bach jaayega.

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13. I cannot read. Neither can my dad.

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14. I might not have the perfect kid, but I will take the perfect shot.

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15. Aise banega tu Roadie?

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15. Guess what? We'll have fun. And we'll make you watch.

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16. This one photograph is gonna haunt her for life.

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17. My dad is so cool, he's gonna 'blow' your mind.

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18. "Dad, can you tie my hair in a bun?"

Dad: "Say no more."

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19. Doodh ka karz

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(Dis)Honourable mention...

20. Die, you little shit!

Source: Antronio

Parents like these are the reason why condoms were invented.