It’s only the 10th of Jan and we are already running out of money. Thanks to the party we threw, the dresses we bought and the gym membership we are never going to use. But whom are we lying to? We are broke almost every month. And when we run out of money, all those fancy brand outlets start to seem a little different, as perfectly depicted by this Twitter user.

1. Peeche hut 😭

2. Say no to Starbucks and save some bucks 🤝

3. Very very costly

4. Job dhoondh or jod dhan

5. Sub nhi afford kar sakte, laxman

6. Papa kuch paise bhej do plis 😭

7. Walk-in interviews do Johnie

8. Sabar rakhna salary credit ho jayegi

9. More like accepting donations

10. Dukh, dard, peeda

People are in absolute love with this thread – rightly so. Some are even adding their own versions.

What an addition 😂

I’ll also join the wagon and add one – Behrouz Biryani – more like Berojgaar Biryani 😭 Okay, bye!