From drooling on a Singapore-based bodyguard and the mugshot of a criminal to swooning over a Pakistani chaiwala, netizens have time and again proved that nothing can be escaped from their gawking eyes.

There are officers, and then there are super-officers who are uber-fit with ultra-solid muscles, six-pack abs and rippling biceps that make culprits cower in the corner. Not only have these men brought prominent pride to their country, but also achieved great fitness milestones.

They execute their duties and stay determinant to their personal fitness goals, which has made them the internet’s latest crush.

1. Sachin Atulkar 

A 2007 batch IPS officer from Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh, Sachin Atulkar, has previously made headlines because of his ultra-dapper looks. He is one of the most renowned faces when it comes to having a fit body and a commitment to the work, all at the same time. Also, a former national-level cricket player who even won a gold medal, he cleared his IPS exam in the first attempt at the tender age of 22. With 780K followers on social media, his popularity is no comedy and this man truly worthy of it.  

2. Deepak Sharma 

A jailor at the Tihar prison in Delhi, Deepak Sharma is a treasure of talent. His transformation from a 60 kgs skinny chap to 90 kgs chiselled mass of pure muscle, is nothing but inspiring. So encouraging, that criminals under his charge at the jail, frequently take fitness tips from him. 

3. Guilherme Leão

A subway security guard in São Paulo with almost 459,000 Instagram followers, Guilherme Leão became an internet sensation after being voted as the hottest transit guard, which was a poll taken by the tourism site Since then, fans have been stopping him for photos, making his daily rounds impossible to finish. However, he loves all his fans and constantly uploads selfies. 

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4. Rubal Dhankar

With 1.93 million subscribers, Rubal Dhankar is a well-known face in the fitness area on YouTube. Before he joined the Delhi Police as a constable, he rose to fame by participating in the Roadies X4 reality show. He has been a fitness model for a number of years prior and still continues to be a big fitness influencer on social media platforms. 


5. Baldev Singh

52-year-old Baldev Singh is an SHO with the Chandigarh Police since 1995 and has represented India in a number of international bodybuilding competitions. Being one of the best players on the team during his college days, Inspector Baldev always had a keen interest in sports and also won the National Competition in Kick Boxing. At the age of 45, he started truly inspiring bodybuilding. 


6. Chris Kohrs 

Dubbed as the “Hot Cop of Castro”, San Francisco police officer Chris Kohrs went from local heartthrob to worldwide internet sensation. He came to the limelight when a neighbourhood resident noticed how good-looking he was while sitting around on his cop bike. After that, Chris constantly got stopped on the streets and asked to click pictures with fans. There’s even a Facebook fan page dedicated to him so his “fans” can post photos. 


7. Kishor Dange 

Well- known as Mumbai Police’s very own Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kishor Dange is a two-time Mr India winner. Currently working at Maharashtra’s Jalna district police station as a constable, he has won multiple national and international awards in the World Police and Fire Games which was held in London. 


8. Motilal Dayma

A constable with the Madhya Pradesh Police force since 2013, Motilal Dayma is a four-time Mr Indore title winner and has also bagged the Mr MP title once. Being a fitness enthusiast, he enjoys working out and follows a strict diet to maintain his muscles and great physique. 


9. Tejender Singh 

Having joined the Police force in 2006, Tejender Singh works as a constable with the Uttarakhand Police. He bagged a gold medal at the World Police and Fire Games, London and also won the Mr Hercules title in 2009. 


10. Bylynn Hatcher

Fondly known as Lou, Bylynn Hatcher caught the attention of netizens in September 2017 after the Gainesville Police Department posted a picture of him with his colleagues on Facebook assisting their community with Hurricane Irma relief efforts. 

11. Lee Minwei 

Lee Minwei is a Corporal in the Auxiliary Police Force at Certis Cisco, the security agency operating at the Singapore airport. Back in 2016, the official page of the agency shared a picture of their corporal on Twitter and suddenly there were many people keen to know more about the young dashing officer. 


12. Naveen Kumar 

Currently working with the Haryana Police as a senior sub-inspector, Naveen Kumar also won the title of Mr Haryana in 2013. 


13. Mahendra Singh Dhoni

The cricket icon of nation and the former captain of Indian cricket team, Mahendra Singh Dhoni have been given the honorary rank of lieutenant colonel by the Territorial Army. He received this rank in Indian Army’s parachute regiment. He also served his two-week training for para-regiment in Agra, UP. Reports revealed that he went through 5 para jumps after two weeks of his training.


14. Lakshay Pandey

Currently posted as an Assistant Commissioner of Police (UT) in Delhi, Lakshay Pandey aced the UPSC exam in 2018 and became an Indian Police Service (IPS) officer. Sharing a simple strategy through a tweet on how to start preparing for the UPSC civil services exam, he explained that self-study is better than any coaching. Within a few hours, the tweet garnered 4,917 likes and 1,058 retweets.


Bulletproof vest? Nah, it’s all muscle.