“Age is just a number, it’s all about how you feel inside.” 

“If your mind is fresh, you’re exercising regularly and have a healthy lifestyle, you’ll definitely feel younger.” 

Yabba-dabba-doo! Adages like these do no one any good. And it’s time you call bullshit on it! Why? Because looking at Chuando Tan, I’m having some serious questions about the laws of nature, specifically the process of ageing. 

Who is Chuando Tan? 

Well, he’s a hot-shot photographer from Singapore. And he looks like this.

If I’m asked to guess his age, I would put him somewhere between 25-29. Time for the grand reveal, he’s effin’ 50 years old. That’s half of a century.

Even if I was to really stretch my imagination, I would never believe that this boyish-looking man, with his coy smile and bright eyes, is actually 50! 

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According to this interview, he gave way back in 2006, he was born in 1967. Yeah right! No seriously. 

Wait, that would actually mean he’s half a century years old. How in good God’s Earth is this possible? 

He started modeling when he was just 15, and with his oh-so good looks, he soon became the top model in Singapore. After 14 years of walking the ramp and getting clicked, he decided to become the man behind the lens. 

While modelling was definitely his forte, photography became his passion. In fact, he’s credited for introducing digital enhancements in Singapore through his photography. And now, he’s one of the top photographers. He even shot Janet Jackson for her album, Discipline. 

His work has featured in many popular magazines, including Jalouse, Muse, L’Officiel, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In addition to all this awesomeness, he even owns a modelling agency. 

Even at the age of 50, Chuando looks not a day older than 28. And apparently, his secret is working out, Hainese chicken, and swimming. 

No matter how much proof we have, one look at him makes us disbelieve even the most damning facts. 

HE’S 50! 

There’s definitely some evil sorcery going on here. Because even with some chicken and work out, there’s only so much you can do. You can’t defy wrinkles, man! 

The only way we’ll put him a little over 30 is this photo where we can visibly see the grey in his beard. 

Chuando Tan, you’re defying age, reason, time and so much more. 

We believe you’re either time travelling and maintaining your youthful skin or using some secret super effective beauty regime. 

Whatever it is, we’re diggin’ it and we approve!

If you want more proof of his age-defying powers, check out his Instagram here.