We are already acquainted with the fact that the Indian society rests on sanskars. What we can and cannot do is heavily determined by them. But the more you try to understand this idea of sanskar, the more you realise that it is the women who are supposed to carry the burden of izzat and adarsh.

So much so that we keep on talking about the adarsh bharatiya naree. “Ek adarsh bharatiya naree zyada bolti nahi,” “Na hi vo chhote kapde pehenti hai,” and other various rules that you have to follow, lest you be tagged as unsanskari. However, we almost always forget to outline what the typical Indian man is supposed to be like.

In a generation where gender equality is the aim, we came up with posters that will help you spot the adarsh bharatiya purush:

Design Credit: Gauri Saxena

Speaking of ‘Adarsh Bharatiya Purush’, let’s not forget the ‘Sanskaari AF’ women, shall we? For every woman who dares to be her true self, this notebook shall do all the talking!

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