In a public event held in Assam a few years ago, Arnab Goswami shared his experience of the Gujarat riots in 2002. He claims that he was 50 metres away from the Chief Minister’s house and the car in which he was there with other journalists was attacked by a mob with trishuls. The attackers demanded to know their religion.

He goes on to describe in detail how they escaped that attack by showing their ID cards and proving they were Hindus. 

However, sadly for Arnab, one of his colleagues of the time, Rajdeep Sardesai claims that Arnab is making false claims and the incident never really occured.

The incident narrated by Arnab seems to be a direct excerpt from Sardesai’s book 2014 The Election That Changed India.

Other journalists backed Sardesai’s claim saying that Arnab wasn’t even in Gujarat when the attacks happened.

People are supporting the fact that it was an incident that happened with Sardesai and Arnab is trying to pass it off as his own.

While the original video has been taken down from YouTube, Twitter has taken up the issue seriously. People are taking jibes at Goswami by imagining the hardships he went through in scenarios he wasn’t present to witness.

This guy’s efforts have gone viral over Twitter. 

Twitter can be really savage.

Mr. Sardesai has posed an important question to Arnab.

You can watch the whole video here:

Arnab has not given a statement yet.