Barack Obama has not only captured the hearts of Americans everywhere, he has also endeared himself to the entire planet! Everyone knows that the former President of the United States is one of the most famous men on Earth, but one look at that warm smile and easy-going demeanour, you’d think that he was a long lost uncle or something. 

Over the years, Obama has given us a lot to be proud of, but the one thing that sets him apart from all the other Presidents who came before him and the one who’s come after, is that he is one of the most accessible politicians ever!

So today, on his 56th birthday, we honour not the former President of the United States, but the man himself. His fun loving, easy-going and confident personality is something that is more than infectious, it’s incredibly inspiring. 

Here are 25 instances that perfectly capture his other side

He’s got an amazing sense of humor

He’s a total bro!

He’s great with kids.

He’s a true family man.

He’s also pals with internet memes

He’s even partnered up with Spiderman

And he’s also been webbed by a junior wallcrawler

We all want someone that looks at us the way Barack looks at Michelle

He also knows how to chill on the job

Even the Pope loves Barack

 He even played a little soccer while sorting out foreign issues

 A dog lover too?

His selfie game is totally on point!

 A foodie? Say it ain’t so!

 Barack ‘The Science Guy’ Obama

The Obama Family with a Trooper from Star Wars

He’s absolutely serious, when he needs to be

But he’s also a demon on the basketball courts

He’s not afraid to down a pint or two

And also knows how to wind down after a hard day

The man can bust out a few dance moves as well

All charisma, All charm

We’re sure that he’s a damn good golfer as well

And because it’s his birthday today, lets take a look back at Barack Obama when he was much younger

Seriously, is there anything this man can’t do?