Beards are the most stylish trend that has given men the right to demand our attention. With all that time, patience, efforts, and dedication that men put in to growing a beard, we decided to help them out a bit more to nail the perfect bearded look, according to their face shape. 

Your beard has a lot to do with your face shape. And if you’re willing to explore, you can move ahead from the random growth that your beard has, to trying some really cool trends.

Here’s our guide:

For the Oval face shape

For the men who have this face type, you’re blessed. It’s the best face shape to have, because any type of beard will suit your beautiful face. You can experiment with different kinds of beards, and gloat over the men who can’t. 

Your best options: Imperial, Hulihee, and Old Dutch

The ones with Oblong face shape, listen up

Stache is up, or grow a heavy fuzz on the sides of your face. Your chin area is slightly longer, so you should definitely refrain growing hair there. 

Your best options: Mutton chops, A La Souvarov, Dali and Friendly Mutton Chops.

For the Round-faced men

Now round faces usually get compliments like “aww”, and “you’re so cute”. That’s not so much fun, is it? So, chisel up your amazing face, and sharpen up that chin with the apt beard styles. We assure you, no one will call you cute ever again with these sexy beard styles. 

Your best options: Chin Puff, Van Dyke, Balbao, Sparrow, Goatee, The Zappa, and Soul Patch.

For the ones with a beautiful Diamond face

Let me tell you, your face shape is unique. The types of beards that’ll suit you will floor many women, and there are chances that it might even make some men jealous. So how about you get shaping up that beautiful facial hair? 

Your best options: Rap Industry Standard, Chin Curtain, Anchor, Fu Manchu, The Winnfield

For the strong-jawed, Square shape

Who doesn’t love a strong-jawed man, right? But, let me be honest here, you do look a bit scary and unapproachable. So, how about we help you soften up your strong features, and have the ladies waiting in queue to talk to you?

Your best options: Petite Goatee, Anchor, Hollywoodian

For the Rectangle face shape

Your face shape is beautiful, but a little bit of softening of those sharp edges will definitely help. Since your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar in size, you’d like to go for something that smoothens out the jawline, and gives your face a little bit of dimension. 

Your best options: Chin Curtain, Short Boxed Beard, Ducktail, The French Fork

For the one with the Inverted Triangle face shape

Or Heart shaped face. The uber handsome Ryan Gosling has this face shape. If you do too, then you’re quite the lucky man. Because just like the oval face-shaped men, you can sport any kind of fuzz on your face. 

Your best options: Mutton Chops, Fu Manchu, Franz-Josef, Soul Patch

Now that you have all the information, get beardin’, you guys! And ladies, get ready to see your man change with his brand new mane.

Kudos toPuneet Gaur for the wonderful illustrations, and Vineet Kumar for the amazing designs.