We thought we couldn’t love Canada more. We were obviously wrong. Here are 13 reasons why.

1. Ryan Gosling

We know him as – Sebastian from ‘La La Land’

For now, let’s call him God-ling.

What’s he wearing? Boyfriend material.


2. Keanu Reeves

We know him as – John Wick from ‘John Wick’

Will gladly get lost in the matrix with him.

Those eyes just stared into my soul. 


3. Ryan Reynolds

We know him as – Deadpool from ‘Deadpool’

And then God said, let there be another hot Ryan.

When in doubt, look at a shirtless Ryan. 


4. Matthew Perry

We know him as – Chandler Bing from ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’

Bing on the hotness.

Can we just collect that smile in a jar already?


5. Nathan Fillion

We know him as – Richard Castle from ‘Castle’

Looking dapper is NBD.

His hotness is definitely not a mystery.


6. Tom Cavanagh

We know him as – Harrison Wells from ‘The Flash’

Just flexing his way into our hearts this one.

Making us tingly in a flash.


7. Kevin Zegers

We know him as – Damian from Gossip Girl

Try resisting these boyish charms.

I dare you. I double dare you.


8. Stephen Amell

We know him as – Oliver Queen from ‘Arrow’

There’s suave, then dapper, and then there’s Stephen.

You might need a moment to catch your breath.


9. David Sutcliffe

We know him as – Christopher Hayden from ‘Gilmore Girls’

One smile with some icing on the side, please.

Ageing like fine wine is totally a thing in Canada.


10. Daniel Gillies

We know him as – Johnny from ‘Bride & Prejudice’

Just cut some sexual tension with that sharp jaw already.

Make me your bride. We have no prejudice.


11. Hayden Christensen

We know him as – Anakin Skywalker from ‘Star Wars Episodes I – III’

Let’s walk to the sky with this one.

Will gladly go to the dark side for him.


12. Drake

We know him as – Drake from Hotline Bling

Hot-line bling it on!

Just rap yourself around us already, man.


13. Justin Trudeau

We know him as – Canadian Prime Minister extraordinaire

This much hotness should be unconstitutional.

And then God said, let there be a happy mix of politics and pretty. 


Canada, you beauty. What did we do right to deserve you?