There can never be enough clothes in our wardrobe but there are definitely many ways to use the stuff efficiently and creatively. And because we don’t just throw away our favourite pair of jeans that just got stained or a T-shirt that has shrunk to fit a younger version of us, we need ways to make good use of them. So, if you too are stuck in a similar situation, we’ve got your back! 

Here are some clever clothing tricks to save you your precious time and money.

1. Learn the military tuck for a clean look. Tuck the shirt in and zip up without buttoning the trouser. Then, run your thumbs around and push the wrinkles to the back. To do it to perfection, check out the video here.


2. Rub a soap, graphite pencil tip, a candle or a crayon on a stuck zipper to fix it.

3. Soften your new T-shirts by soaking them in hot water with salt for 35-40 minutes.

4. Pack your clothes in dry cleaning bags before putting them in a suitcase to keep them wrinkle free.

5. Before packing a suit jacket, fold it inside out to minimise wrinkles.

6. Hate floppy collars? Hang your shirts with the top button buttoned.

7. Wash your canvas sneakers in the washing machine to get that perfect white.

8. Lost the back of your earring? Use a piece of pencil eraser instead!

9. Annoyed with deodorant stains on your T-shirts? Rub your jeans on it and voila! The stains will vanish.

10. Already put on a shirt but notice wrinkled collars? You can iron your cuffs and collars using a hair straighter!

11. Warm vinegar comes handy while removing chewing gum stuck on denim.

12. To remove odor from your jeans, pack it in a Ziploc bag and put it in a freezer, overnight. You’ll have freshly-smelling jeans the next morning!

13. Before wearing a dress with a zip at the back, tie a shoelace to it using a safety pin and zip it up yourself without hassle!

14. Make use of your old bras by sewing them into a backless dress!

15. If your shoes are tight, put a zip lock bag full of water in them, and place them in the freezer for a night.

16. Keep the cuff beneath the elbow while folding it, and then fold the top part of the sleeve to avoid wrinkles. Here’s the videoto perfect this hack.

17. De-pile your sweater and other clothes by shaving them with a razor. You can also use a pumice stone for this.

18. Put newspapers inside your shoes to absorb odor and moisture.

19. Soak sunken clothes in hot water mixed with hair conditioner for 5 minutes to stretch them.

20. If you can’t try on jeans on while shopping, just wrap the waistline around your neck. If it fits there, it’ll most likely fit your waist!

21. Put some clear nail varnish on your shirt buttons to keep them from falling off.

Quite handy, right?