Apart from the sturdy physique, tough looks and disciplined regime, there is another thing that most Delhi bouncers have in common. They all hail from the same village! The village is located towards the south of Delhi, where most men make a living by flexing their muscles. 

Asola-Fatehpuri Beri, the village located near Delhi, is popular for producing the most number of bouncers for the city’s night-clubs.


The trend began around 15 years ago

Around 300 men from this village work as bouncers, guarding the doorways of city’s popular pubs and nightclubs, private colleges, and upscale hotels. The trend started 15 years ago when Vijay Tanwar couldn’t make it to India’s wrestling team for Olympics. When he began to look out for work relevant to his skill, he landed a job as a bouncer. He was the first bouncer from this village. The money was good, and inspired by his success, young men from his village soon followed suit.

Now, Vijay Tanwar trains bouncers, who follow a rigorous routine starting from the morning, when everyone gathers at theAkhada to train assiduously. None of them smoke or drink and their diet comprises mainly of nuts, fruits, yogurt and a lot of milk.


Not only do they come from the same village, most of these bouncers also share a common surname, Tanwar

Wrestling, the traditional Indian way of staying fit, has always been popular in this village. And while there are many young men who dream to represent the country at Olympics, the fact that the ancient form of wrestling has given these men a substantial way of earning good money and supporting their families is worth an applause. 

From teenagers to those as old as 50, men from all age groups work out for 2 hours in the morning every day. Their working out regime includes sit-ups, push-ups, balancing bricks and carrying each other on shoulders.


Locally known as bouncery, the profession has not only got these men to take care of their health, but also given them a healthy way of living!