Jai – Veeru

Amar- Prem

and now Virat – Mahi.


If we were making a list of phenomenal bromances, we think Virat and Mahendra Singh Dhoni would be vying for the top spot. 


They are celebrated players who are known to share a great rapport off the field, but today we shall talk about their sizzling on-field chemistry that has social media, awwing.

In the ongoing India Vs New Zealand match, while we are witnessing Kohli’s magic, we also got to witness this. 

In the video one can see Virat helping his friend with a ‘fly’ situation, there was probably a bug in Dhoni’s eye which Virat like a true friend helped pluck out.

But hey, Twitter obviously went into a tizzy and soon #MahiRat started trending. (We are digging the hashtag).

#MahiRat for the win.