Let’s face it, a white colour shirt is very safe choice, something you can wear at any time, anywhere. It’s cool and classy. The white shirt is man’s greatest sartorial tool. But what if we told you there was a way to up your white style quotient? 

1. Jeans


You can wear this combo to a party or date. No one will ignore you.

2. Suit


For the most classic look, team it with a crisp suit or any blazer. You will slay in a bossy look.

3. Shorts


You can also wear a white-coloured shirt with shorts. Fun and yet, classy.

4. Chinos & Linen


You can also wear it with Chinos & Linen without thinking twice.

5. Denim Jacket  


And then there’s a true classic. A white shirt, with a denim jacket draped over it.  

Yep. You’re welcome!