If you’re into all things young and romantic, chances are you would have come across Meteor Garden, the new show on Netflix which is literally the only thing worth talking about right now. Or at least that’s what you can say about Dao Ming Si, played by Dylan Wang, a Chinese model, and actor, who is one of the main leads in the show. 

And what do we say, he has this charming bad boy air that makes him unimaginably haaaaaawt. 


As a show, it’s a typical young adult drama that gives you all the feels; especially if you have a thing for that whole bad boy charm. Because that’s what Dylan Wang channels in his role on the show; even being a part of a fancy clique, called the F4. 

You want to hate him but you can’t because you actually just can’t resist him. Be honest. 

We know, we know, there is no chance of you finding a Dao Ming Si in your own college because let’s be real. But, hey, can we at least take a moment to appreciate the artwork that is Dylan Wang? Because, sometimes, imagination can be real, too…

What is it about bad boys being good just for you? 

We know we know, this statement falls into a lot of stereotypes. Buuuuuuut, lookie.


When Dao Ming straightened his hair for Shancai. This moment had us squealing hard, hugging our pillows. 


And now that colleges are about to reopen, let’s fantasise about dreamy seniors, with this collection of Dylan’s pictures. La. La.

What is this cuteness?

What is this cuteness? (Part- 2)

Get you someone who looks at you the way Si looks at Shancai. 

OH. Nononono. We can’t handle this gaze though. 


Okay so OMG you guys, HOW? Kese? If only we could kiss our crush like this. Ughhhhh.

Same, Dylan. This us actually us RN.

Cutest love story or what?

Disclaimer – This show can make you crib about your single life, and make you miss a crush, you never knew you had.

6 more days! 😚 [a]

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Imagine doing a group report with them. Ahem.

Also, if only these could be our seniors in college. Mummmmy. Crying emojis.

It’s more than just cheerleader effect, yo.

Hello, please give us also a ‘joker card’. (It’s a Meteor Garden reference. Watch it. To know it. K?)


*Hearts start pounding faster. Sudden rush of adrenaline.*

What is it about conceited, haughty men, who are very well aware that they are hot, and it reflects in your conversation with them, BUT. YOU. STILL. CAN’T. HELP. IT.

Sweeping us off our feet with their I-don’t-give-a-fuck approach. The heart want what it wants, folks.

Awww, look at him being all jealous. 


Toughie outside, softie inside.


What is this devilishly debonair man doing to us?


One look. That’s all it takes. To ignite the fire that quakes your very bones.


 Can actually feel our knees turning into jelly.


Seriously, what do we do to get him as our senior in college, and make him fall in love, and then live happily ever after. Yeet.


 We’ll look at this picture and be happy all week now. Hehehe. Heart emojis.


Scientists have claimed that this debonair man is responsible for global warming. Kaafi true.


TIL, sunglasses are also super helpful to hide tears. *Sobs.*


Okay now, go binge-watch this show and build castles in the air. Also, 4 out of 5 scientists claim that if you share this article, it will spike your chances of getting hot seniors like these in college. So, well.