Think beer ads, think tall glass of frothy beer with driblets of water running down its chilled body. Also, seductive, skimpily-clad women and street-smart guys with chiseled bodies brandishing their bottle of beer.

Like this:


And this:


But then, there’s Bergedorfer Bier. Together with German advertising firm Jung von Matt, it has made every other ubiquitous beer ad seem meh in comparison. 

We all know the effects of chugging gallons of beer and being a couch potato. This German beer ad has made owners of beer bellies worldwide, proud. Most men do have quite the attachment to their favourite beer and uh, their consequent cavernous bellies. However, the ad has come out with pictures of men (more like their average consumer) cradling their beer bellies tenderly and with love. To be fair it does keep true to its slogan ‘Brewed with love.’ And we don’t know what to make of it…

Take a look!


They did succeed in a way. This ad sure turned many heads!