How to ask a woman out? 

If I were to write a book on it, I would probably have penned a 100 pages by now. Because, with all due respect, dear men, there’s so much learning (and unlearning) you’ve got to do!

Let me break it down for you in a simpler way. Just buying a drink doesn’t always help. Nor does sending your friend over to set you up. Let’s put in some thought into it, shall we?

You’ve probably been listening to your friends’ ill-advice, from a men’s point of view. But who else could tell you how to approach a woman than women themselves? 

So, don’t fret if you’ve been unsuccessful in all your previous attempts. Because if you really like a girl and want to woo her, we shall help you out. 

We asked women how they would like to be approached and they gave us some really nice answers. So you better jot them down. 

All the best! 

Design credit: Suvojyoti Ray