Having a thick, luxurious beard depends upon those testosterone and dihydrotestosterone hormones in your body that indicate beard growth. This makes some men have genetically thick and even beard while others struggle with patchy facial hair growth. But even if you are not naturally gifted the beard you desire, the right bit of nous can help you achieve stubbly glory.  Follow these simple steps, and you’ll be well on your way.

Step 1: Change your diet

To improve the growth of your beard and increase testosterone level, change your diet. Include around 25% of the protein in your daily food intake along with rich sources of monounsaturated fats and carbohydrates. Make sure your protein intake doesn’t exceed fro 25% else it will lead to some serious side effects. 

Step 2: Shave it

Remember when we were little kids how our mothers used to take us for frequent haircuts? The logic was simple. Fine and even surface ensures better growth. Apply the same rule when it comes to your facial hair. Before you get to the hairy business of growing a beard, start with a clean shave to allow healthy and consistent growth.

Step 3: Keep it hydrated

This may sound a bit monotonous to you but it is for your own good. Make it a daily routine to massage your cheekbones and jawline area twice a day with a nourishing beard oil or moisturizer to keep the skin healthy. If you have skipped step number 2 and want to grow a beard on the base of the existing one, wash it regularly with a mild beard soap. 

Step 4: Increase your mineral intake

Zinc and magnesium are natural testosterone maximisers and can be taken via food or through supplements. However, make sure your daily dosage of zinc is not more than 30 mg and of magnesium around 45 mg. You can find ample quantity of both in food items like chicken, shellfish, pork meat, seeds etc. 

Step 5: Say ‘No’ to stress

We all know how monstrous stress is for our health. Increased stress levels are known to decrease the testosterone levels in the body. Limiting your stress levels will gradually raise your testosterone and ensure beard growth in the most natural and harmless way. Also, keeping your stress levels to the minimum ensures that your facial hair remains healthy always. 

Step 6: Protect your skin

Humans are active beings. We do a lot of things in our day-to-day course list that produces sweat and leaves us infected with germs. This can indeed lead to facial hair loss and decreased testosterone level. To eliminate this problem, make sure you include a good, paraben-free beard wash in your bathing regime. This will keep your facial hair healthy and will stimulate continued hair growth.

Grow your beard with care and wear it with pride.