With the country putting in emphasis on making India cleaner, Indore residents were a step ahead and have rightfully earned their place on the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’s ranking as the cleanest city of India for the second time. 

The residents put in their blood, sweat and tears, have now started converting a garbage landfill site into a city forest and at the centre of this movement was IAS officer, Asheesh Singh.


Singh, the Indore Municipal Commissioner, Indore, has now managed to clean 13 lakh tonnes of garbage in just six months.


It all started with segregating the waste into wet and dry garbage, all done by machines. All of which was used in some way or the other. 


As per reports, the dry garbage was then sold to junk dealers and the plastic was converted into fuel. Waste like polythene was used to cement plants and was also used in road construction and the leftover rubble from the waste was used for making new building materials.


Singh admitted that outsourcing the work would cost them approximately 65 crores to clear the entire waste which was not affordable. It was then decided that they will utilise their own resources.


Successfully managing the task, Asheesh said,

“We have reclaimed 100-acre land in which we’ll use 10-acre land for a garden and 90 acres land for the city forest.”

Citizens were grateful for this commendable job.

We are thoroughly impressed with such hard work and dedication. Here’s to a cleaner India!