If only he was a real person!

1. When he made sure he lets Kate know that no particular type of physical appearance is the definition of beauty.

2. When he told his sons that they should always stand by their choices.

3. When he told Randall that he shouldn’t be afraid of standing out because even though he’s adopted, there’s nothing that makes him feel that way.

4. When Kevin suffers from an injury which restricts him from playing football ever again.

5. When he tells Kate that it doesn’t matter how we look, but how we carry ourselves.

6. When he carries Randall on his back while doing push-ups and makes promises to always support him.

7. When he tells Randall that it’s okay to make wrong choices because they eventually lead us to the right ones.

8. When he tells Randall that he knew he was his son the moment he laid eyes on him.

9. When he tells Kate that one day she will find the right guy who will love her much more than he does.