Justin Trudeau, arguably the world’s most secular political leader who has Sikhs in his cabinet and who welcomes Syrian refugees at the airport, wished people on Diwali. He did that by tweeting a picture of himself in a black sherwani lighting a lamp.

Now, people being people on the Internet, had a problem with it because they probably have nothing better to do. Many replies flooded Trudeau’s timeline saying that ‘Mubarak’ doesn’t go with ‘Diwali’. Here are some of the banal replies –

While some of the replies expressed their skepticism about the choice of the word ‘Mubarak’ and then went ahead to tell Trudeau that they appreciated his effort to connect with the people of different ethnicities.

The Diwali celebrations were attended by India’ High Commissioner to Canada Vikas Swarup, who tweeted pictures and videos of the festivities.

Well, it’s good to see a political leader trying to connect with his people. And it doesn’t reflect very well on the people who sit around and debate over such inconsequential things. 

Happy Diwali y’all!