It seems like irresistible charm runs in the Trudeau family. Up until now, it was only Justin Trudeau who was stealing our hearts and making us want to migrate to Canada. But this time the little culprit who’s making us go aww is none other than Canadian Prime Minister’s youngest son, Hadrien Trudeau. 

Recently, the little one went to work with his father and let’s just say that it was a day full of fun. Hadrien’s day at work turned out to be one adorable, adventurous excursion. What’s more? The father-son duo also got some photos clicked and set our hearts fluttering! 

He fits right in, doesn’t he? 

When the world needs saving, this father-son duo will surely save us all with their fetching charm.

Okay, that’s enough of cuteness now! 

Has anyone looked this cute while playing peekaboo?

All that limelight and still standing tall like a pro! 

We think little Hadrien should visit Daddy’s office more often. Don’t you all agree?