As the season finale of the sixth season of world-renowned cooking-face off  Masterchef India is off the burner, it has left us with one of the greatest winner of all times, Abinas Nayak. 


Eliminating over 15 home cooks in the main competition, after the preliminary stages, Abinas hasn’t had it easy with the competition in the Masterchef kitchen. After having a head-to-head cook-off, four finalists, the biggest competition he faced was by the ” Dessert Queen” Oindrilla Bala. 

Cooking three-course, pre-plated meals for around 18 food critics, Abinas and Oindrilla were on the clock and had 4 hours to prepare 54 plates of food. It was probably Abinas trying to revive a lost recipe of bhuna mutton from Odisha with a modern twist that won everybody’s tastebuds. 


The 20-episode long series finale saw the internationally acclaimed chef and all-rounder Vikas Khanna making a re-entry to the show alongside Chef Vineet Bhatia and popular commercial chef, Ranveer Brar. So you can get a rough idea of the amount of pressure these two finalists were under.  

His modern take on simple, nostalgic yet perfectly balanced recipes is what led him to lift the Masterchef trophy along with the Golden Apron and a cash-price of ₹25 Lakh. 

Hailing from Berhampur, Odhisha, Abinas who’s a 27-year-old full-time Engineer at Infosys is also a part-time food fanatic at heart has won the nation’s heart with his innovative skills in the kitchen. But, this wasn’t his first big win in a culinary competition.

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In fact, now that you come to think about it,  with his impeccable presentations and his knowledge of ingredients and taste, Abinas was the first contestant to win an immunity pin in the competition. 

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With his passion for cooking, he has bagged various awards and titles. Like, in 2019, Abinas won the Mastercfhef Lokicooks Fellowship Competition and in 2018, he was awarded as the Hungry For Haldiram of the year. 

I don’t know how Abinas manages to juggle his profession with his passion for cooking but he’s giving us some major inspiration to take time out for the things that we love and pursue them.