Millennials, what is your ideal birthday celebration plan? As a lazy millennial, I’m sure it’s house partying with your friends on your birthday eve, getting lit and blackout drunk till you pass out and having a major hangover on the day of your birthday. Or probably traveling to a new place.

As 20-something-year-olds, I’m sure we all must have had a birthday experience like this more than once. 


You know I always believed that as you get older, your birthday plans tend to become more somber, but this 62-year old running 62.4 kilometers to celebrate his 62nd birthday has blown netizen’s mind. 

Anand Bazar

Jasmer Singh Sandhu a.k.a the ‘The Flying Sandhu’ recently took to Twitter to share a video of the milestone celebration of his 62nd birthday, proving that age is literally just a number. 

Now how long do you think it would take a 62-year-old to run 62.4 km? As a 20-something old who struggles to run a 4k in an hour, my estimate would be a day. 


But the Flying Sandhu took only 7 hours and 32 minutes to run his 62.4k birthday marathon, that’s less than half a day. 

While I’m complaining about my backache watching Flying Sandhu who is more than twice my age enjoying a 62.4k marathon for one, on his birthday, gives me some major unattainable goals. 

I’m literally gasping for air just thinking about a 62.4k run in under 8 hours. I’m not the only one. Even Netizens cannot catch their breath after looking at the Flying Sandhu’s legendary video: 

BRB, Googling ways to cure my backache.