We, the men of Scoopwhoop, love to love our beards. They are an extension of our personalities and Gods be good, will continue to bring glory to our lives and faces till the end of our days. So, when Beardo sent their latest offering to us bearded men to review, we were legit psyched. 

Let’s start from the beginning – The first time we lay our eyes on what was inside the luxurious box, we could barely wrap our heads around what we saw. No, boys and gentlemen, Beardo did not name this grooming product ‘22K Beard Oil‘ just to mess around with us. There are actual 22K Gold flakes (not that gold flake) floating around in the bottle amidst other beard grooming ingredients.

Each of us wanted to go first and the only logical solution was to play a ‘rock, paper, scissors’ tournament. At the end of which, this order was decided:


To my surprise, it’s non-sticky and has a nice, pleasant smell. Upon application, I noticed how it added to my beard’s volume and gave it a nice shiny luster. Now, clearly, I don’t exactly have the guy-next-door beard; my mane resembles that of a caveman. Grooming, no doubt, is quite an issue for a guy like me. That being said, I’m happy to report that this product makes life much, much easier. My beard sure looks more proper now.


The two most important steps of having a beard are growing one and maintaining it. Even though the maintenance part isn’t that tough of a chore, my challenge lies in styling it – mostly because my beard is rather frizzy. Since I have a round face, the haywire setting was not adding to my advantage. I used the Beardo Limited Edition oil for some time and it really did help tame the frizz. Also, regular application brought a certain amount of shine – brighter than my future TBH!


Honestly, I’m not the best person to try out this oil. Why? Because of my glorious beard. (Can you sense the sarcasm in my voice?) As much as I’d love to keep my beard well trimmed, pampered and groomed, it’s too much of a tall order for me. You see, my beard grows all extra fuzzy and is not as thick as I’d like for it to be. On that note, this is how I feel about the oil: The packaging is cool, it has a soothing fragrance and the best part is, it feels less like oil and more like water. No stickiness or gooey-ness. And while the part about my beard being a little difficult to manage is true, that won’t stop me from making this oil part of my morning routine. Yeah, I’m keeping the bottle. Sorry, boys.


So, coming from a guy who has tried every beard style on the face of Earth, I can tell you that keeping your beard looking sharp is harder than one would think. You need to take multiple factors into account and grooming tops the list! When we received Beardo’s Gold infused beard oil, I kinda’ had high expectations from it. First though after using it: It does indeed feel like a product that’s meant to be used on beards (and not hair or skin). It smells like warm pie, it’s not runny, and all in all, I’d say smothering it all over my face fuzz made me feel exquisite. For what it’s worth, the cheeks underneath the beard liked it too and there was a definite improvement in my look. Now, I know Raghav and Adi want to keep the bottle to themselves, but they’re not the only ones contending for it. Just saying.


Straight up, I was sold as soon as I saw the packaging. – It’s ‘gangsta’ to say the least, and I’d add this product to my grooming kit for that reason alone! Even as far as the usage goes, it was at par with the look and appeal of the product. I’ve only used it 3 times and I already feel like it should be an essential, not optional, part of a bearded fellow’s grooming routine. I give Beardo’s 22K Beard oil a strong 8.25/10.

So, that’s that then! We’ve got to say, this is just one of those products that none of us was even neutral about. We all pretty much loved it and so did our beards. We leave you with this group shot of the gang showing off our burly, well-groomed, 22K beards. 

 Better believe it!

In association with Beardo