Back when we were young, impressionable and gullible, we believed anything and everything that we were told. Our knowledge about reproduction, menstruation and everything else related to the birds and the bees was limited to the incomplete chapter in our biology textbooks that never made it to the syllabus, somehow. 

And of course, the silly TV ads that showed everything else but blood further kept us away from reality. The ads used the most obscure representational images such as a pool of clear water or a glass of blue liquid, as if women bleed blue.

We asked men what they thought of menstruation when they were young. Here’s what they shared with us: 

It’s 2018, people. How long till we finally get comfortable and accept that women do not bleed blue, they bleed fiery red every month, and that periods are not a taboo but a natural body process just as digestion. 

I think that time’s here! 

Bloody good illustrations by Gauri Saxena