Let’s accept it, how men and women live are worlds apart. While there are exceptions for everything, the ‘aesthetics’ can undergo significant transformations when a woman enters a home previously inhabited solely by men. They just add their own charm to it and make a place much more inhabitable.


This Reddit thread where single men share how their homes changed, for the better, with a woman moving in is just about that. Have a look!

1. So much more stuff in the bathroom. I never even knew it could be that much. – GltyUntlPrvnInncnt


2. Soap.

She tried not to but quickly replaced all of my soap with some shit on another level, I don’t even understand it. She just imports artisanal soaps from all over the world whose packaging I cannot read and every week or two there’s just a new bar of soap on the little soap pedestal and it’s “How tf have I been living with this peasant man soap for so long what?” every time. – Tarc_Axiiom 

3. Cushions… Always with the fucking cushions. – Outside_Money_1786 

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4. Houseplants everywhere. I’m probably staring at a dozen of them from where I’m sitting. – NockerJoe 

5. Ornaments in the bathroom. I never considered a porcelain pelican on my window sill. What purpose does it serve? – Zealousideal-Luck784 

6. She organised my fridge logically and there’s loads of space in there now. She noticed I had bare bulbs everywhere so now there are lampshades. – Reddit-adm 

7. Furniture. I had a couch, a TV stand, and a bed for furnishings. – clockmaker82 


8. There are bins EVERYWHERE now. Bins for literally anything you can think of. Help. – Mumblerumble 

9. It was suddenly never quiet, and I found that I had far more chores to do.

Oh, and my couches and chairs suddenly began to spawn pillows in interesting fabrics. – Poet_of_Legends 

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10. My girlfriend hasn’t moved in yet, but she cleans and likes to add little decorations. As a first, my place now has art. – Responsible_Roll7065 

11. Cats. – Nasty5727 

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12. House plants. That is, living plants in containers, placed on shelves or furniture within the interior of the house, then watered and cared for, forever.

I was amused when my GF brought a philodendron clipping from her parents’ Atlanta home to our apartment in Texas 39 years ago. She potted it and watered it and kept it safe when we moved to Georgia, then Maryland, then back to Texas over the decades. Now it sits on a shelf in our home still quietly growing and our adult daughter has a clipping in Colorado. Nice, I guess, but WHY? – GoodLookingOldFatGuy 

13. Every fragrance of hers is better than mine in making the place smell nice. – Natural_Parsnip_5291 

More art, candles, and a home that smells good, what more could one ask for?