Kind gestures are a universal love language and everyone deserves to be treated to moments they’re treated well and kindly. It’s a little rare to hear men openly share the nicest encounters or gestures they’ve been treated to, which is why this Reddit thread where men have shared instances of women doing nice things for them is so endearing. And, if there is anything you want to end the year on, let this be it.

Read on:

1. “Took my heart and gave it a home. Taught me that ‘home’ is a feeling, and inspired me to build/nurture that wherever we want.”


2. “A woman I barely knew from a group of acquaintances brought plush toys. I recognized the character from one and said I liked it and she gave it to me. That’s probably the sweetest most random, thing that has happened to me, I felt like a kid.”


3. “The nicest thing a woman has done for me is to remind me that kindness is like water, taking the shape of whatever vessel it is poured into. She showed me that kindness is not a fixed action, but a fluid and adaptable quality that can manifest in countless ways.”


4. “Gave me life. Cannot top that.”


5. “One of my friends has taught me what to do/say during social situations.”


6. “Helped me move furniture across the city. We had no car. I’ll always remember this fondly, I hope she’s doing well.”


7. “I recently fell out badly with a couple of friends in the group. We were on my bed, and she looked me in the eye and told me, ‘You’re not a bad person.’ I kissed her hand and hugged her while holding back tears.”


8. “I’ve had a few women bake/cook for me when it wasn’t needed/expected.

A couple of years ago a coworker was having a conversation with me on my birthday and basically assumed that I had plans already, but once I got her to understand that nobody goes out of their way to make a guy’s birthday special (besides maybe his girlfriend), she invited a few coworkers and me out to a bar after work for my birthday. She dipped out early and most of them weren’t really people I was interested in hanging out with, but it was a nice gesture anyway.”


9. “Held me while I cried.”


10. “My dad and I were getting a haircut about this time last year and she said to my dad ‘Your son is hot.’ Still puts a smile on my face to this day. Also no, nothing happened further, I was 19 at the time and she was an old (70+) Chinese lady who barely spoke English. She was really nice though.”


11. “She stood up against my bullies… She was a great woman.”


12. “Made a drawing of me.”


13. “I got a very nice lighter with my name birth date engraved on it from my former colleague.”


Damn, these turned out to be so unexpectedly sweet.