Sometimes a lack of communication can end up creating huge misunderstandings, some so permanent that they persist for generations. For instance, so often there is a divide among men and women, in terms of understanding, and it has become such a long, drawn-out divide that we forget that perhaps because of conditioning or even biology and evolution different genders have different thinking processes. Which is why this Reddit thread where men have discussed things that seem absolutely normal to them but strange to women is so intriguing! Because yes, tell us more.

Read on:

1. “Going on a long car ride and hardly saying a word to one another and feeling like you’ve really bonded by the time you reach your destination.”


2. “Men like space when clothes shopping alone and will avoid being directly next to another guy. Women shopping in the men’s department tend not to have the same reservations about shopping off the same rack.”


3. “Loved picking up sticks when I was growing up in my hometown. I even had a favourite that I still have at my parents.”


4. “Wrestling for no apparent reason. My oldest son is 17 now and he will occasionally try me out by jumping on me or pushing me, etc. We get into a little wrestling match and my wife freaks out, telling us to calm down because she thinks one of us will get hurt. Neither of us is angry or wants to hurt the other.”


5. “Not knowing much about your friend. My friend could be getting married and I wouldn’t know until a week before.”


6. “Sparse or poor text frequency not being a reflection of how you feel for a person. I’m a terrible texter but it has absolutely nothing to do with how I feel for a person.”


7. “Talking to each other without eye contact. Guys are just less bothered if the person they’re talking to isn’t looking at them. So as long as they hear you and respond, all is good.”


8. “Itchy balls.”


9. “I don’t know anything about my buddies’ sex lives but most of my former partners’ friends knew everything about ours. Some could probably pick my dick out of a lineup without having seen it.”


10. “Deciding what we want to eat and when we want to eat it without asking, ‘I don’t know, what do you want to eat?'”


11. “Violence. Most of the men I know are perfectly comfortable with some level of violence. We avoid it because it hurts and gets cops involved.”


12. “Not thinking of anything.”


It’s like stepping into another dimension altogether.