In 2011, Lady Gaga shocked the world with the launch of her new perfume ‘Fame’. It wasn’t enough that celebrities were releasing their own fragrances, but the Queen of Strange had to take it a step further. Mixing her own blood sample and some donor’s semen, along with plant extracts, Gaga tried to pass this insanity off as some quirky scent. Nope, we actually like her music, but we aren’t dying to get our hands on her perfume. Even though it sounds disgusting, ‘Fame’ went on to earn Lady Gaga a cool 1.5 billion dollars worldwide, selling up to 30 million bottles. This can’t be happening, guys! Seriously, you mean to tell us that somewhere out there is a Lady Gaga fan who is walking around with bits of Gaga’s blood and some random dude’s semen on him? Ugh. 

On a more serious note though, we thought that the world was done with this strange aroma experiment and had gone back to the world of cliched but proven fragrances! Well, we were wrong. Check out these weird fragrances that might disgust, shock or even appeal to you…who knows?

1. Bacon scented perfume


Imagine your favorite calorific breakfast in a 50ml bottle! Don’t know about you, but we don’t like our bacon sprayed. Not at all. We like it when bacon is supposed to be where it’s supposed to be…in our stomachs!


2. Garage scented perfume


The makers of this monstrosity are convinced that kerosene, leather and plastic are great perfume ingredients. A mechanic’s dream come true, maybe?


3. Circus scented perfume


Great circus acts must have inspired the makers of this strange perfume. A combination of caramel apples, sweaty artists, elephants, and saddle leather is supposed to smell great according to the inventors. We don’t really know, but we’re kinda curious to find out. 


4. Dirt scented perfume


Did the message daag acche hain just spread like wildfire?


5. Horse scented perfume


The cowboys from Texas must be feeling really honoured! Neigh, they say, Neigh!  


6. Burger scented purfume


Oh look, you can now smell just like your favourite fast food joint! The scent of a cheeseburger is just to die for! We only hope that they skimped out on the onions.


7. Blue cheese scented perfume

telegraph UK

The bacteria present in blue cheese is the same one that’s responsible for foot odour. Did that just disgust you? Well, it should!


8. Pop corn scented perfume 


Each hit is meant to remind you of your time at the cinema…along with the screaming children, loud phones, people talking and much more. You’ll get the full experience! 


9. Blood-semen-spit scented perfume


We assume the makers of this one thought, “Hey! Let’s supply random DNA to people!” Or maybe, they just wanted to freak the world out?

You really want a blood-semen-spit picture? Yup, we thought so. 

10. Whiskey- tobacco scented perfume


This perfume is the worst thing to have happened to people who want to quit smoking. Just spray some on and watch as your ex-smoker friends go nuts with the withdrawals. Makes for a great party trick! 


11. Vagina scented perfume


Wonder what their marketing strategy must have been? Seriously, who thought it was a good idea to bottle up the scent of a vagina? 


12. Cthulhu (fictional character) scented perfume


“A creeping, wet, slithering scent, dripping with seaweed, oceanic plants and dark, unfathomable waters”, says the company behind this perfume. Yeah…doesn’t look like we’re going to be picking this up anytime soon. 


13. Cannabis scented perfume


Puff puff pass this one too, please! This is the ultimate scent for all you potheads out there.

independent UK

Look, we can’t tell you that these perfumes smell bad or good. You’re just going to have to take that leap of faith, but, please make sure that you aren’t spraying yourself with blood and semen for the sake of everyone around you!

feature image source: Demeter  masthead image source: thedailyorbit