We are sure that it’s been a while since you got a haircut. Because of the lockdown, you won’t be able to go to your favourite salon. Well, you have time on your hands, and it feels like the end of the world, so you can try cutting your own hair. What could go wrong?

Things you will need:
Hair Clipping set, Scissors, Mirror, comb and a little motivation.

1. Wash your hair, it will make them smooth easy to cut. 

2. Dry your hair using a towel.  

3. It will take time, especially if you are doing it the first time, so choose a comfortable spot. 

4. Choose A Haircut:  

a) Buzz cut: If you want to get buzz cut, simply put the clipper guard between number 0-2 (it totally depends on you). First use the clipper on the sides then go to the back of the head. Lastly use the clipper on the top of your head. Don’t change the clipper guards in between.

b) Crew cut: For this cut, use the small clipper guard (number 0-2) for the side and back of your head and use the medium clipper guard (number 3-4) for top of your head.

c) Fade haircuts: This hairstyle is most common and popular. Cutting pattern is almost the same but you need to be extra careful. For this haircut you have to be sure what length you want and you should have basic knowledge of clipper guards and their sizes.

After deciding the size, separate your hair into parts with the help of the comb. You have to do this on both sides. Now use the clipper on one side from the bottom and move them to the top. Don’t be in a hurry, remember you are trying to cut your own hair! Follow the same process on the other side and at the back also. For top of your head use a comb and scissor.

5. Trim or cut the sideburns and extra hair for the final touch. Make sharp cut around the hairline and neckline.

6. Wash, dry and finally style your hair the way you like it. 

Look! You just learnt a new life skill.