Big or small, penises around the world are beautiful. And what way to celebrate their beauty than to dedicate an entire museum to the very many different kinds there are and have been through history. And guess what, that’s just what 72-year old Sigurour Hjartarson did.

In a town called Reykjavik in Iceland, there’s an establishment that’s devoted itself exclusively to displaying the glorious male reproductive appendage – the phallus – across species and across time.

Presenting, the Icelandic Phallological Museum.

“To start with, it was a joke,” the creator revealed. Which is shocking considering how extensively his collection has grown ever since its glorious beginning.

Hjartarson got a hold of his first penis when he was only a young boy – a bull’s penis to be used as a whip for the farm’s cows!

“After I got the first, some friends of mine started bringing me penises from a whaling station nearby.” he said, describing the museum’s journey.

It currently houses more than 300 specimen of penises and penile parts from more than 93 different animals.

The penises in this building range in size from a 2-millimeter hamster schlong to a 6-foot whale dong.

It’s been six decades since the museum started and Hjartarson is still ‘nuts’ about the staggering variety of male sex organs in the animal kingdom.

Even though the museum was originally started as a gag, Hjartarson soon realised that this could be made into a good collection, and BOY is it some collection! He revealed this in a candid interview with the Huffington Post. Watch the whole thing right here:

Icelandic Phallological Museum from Capital K Pictures on Vimeo.

The penis sure is magnificent, and I believe mankind owes Sigurour Hjartarson a slow clap for honouring a man’s most prized ‘bone’ the way it should be – in a frikkin’ museum of its own.

All images sourced from The Icelandic Phallological Museum