Entering the 40s is usually a pretty intense time for a man (or woman) – for anyone like you and me, that is. But if you’re someone like Rahul Khanna, 40 is just a number – a number that does nothing to stop you from being awesome as ever.

Rahul Khanna may be representative of pretty much every Indian man’s ideal of being 44. But his Instagram account bears witness to just how much he is like you and me.



I mean sure, he looks princely in suits, but has it ever stopped him from goofing around?


Be it singin’ in the rain…


At an event surrounded by fashionistas…


Or simply going to the gym!


And boy does he enjoy his time at the gym.



He is as comfortable in his skin at home…


As he is being a stunning GQ man.


And the guy has a bindass sense of humour!


He’s basically an all-round chiller.


That sure loves his yummy treats. ‘Cause who would say no to chocolates?



The guy does stand by healthy eating too. I mean, we all try, right?



Travels around the world on the regular, but still clicks the most touristy shots!



And people-watching certainly appeals to him!


Alright, most of us probably don’t look like that when we wake up, but the sentiment’s the same. Early morning selfie!


Khanna loves to chill with them lil’ canines too. Awwie!




And let me just say, he seems like he knows how to really have fun at the beach.






And it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is utterly and stunningly gorgeous. *swoon*


Belated happy birthday to you, Rahul. You’re forever our goofy guy-next-door and needless to say, awesome as ever.

All images are sourced from Instagram

Masthead source: GQ India, Feature source: Instagram