Reddit is a different world of its own, and you will find a community there for pretty much anything under the sun. 

One such community, making news these days is the ‘Semen Retention Community’. I really hope this is the correct way to put it.


Basically, these are a bunch of men who are practicing semen retention (SR), a technique that supposedly makes one more focused and is good for the overall wellness of body and mind.

The description of the subreddit reads: 

Welcome brothers. SR is an ancient practice used by a small percentage of the male population worldwide. SR provides many benefits that are extremely useful to men regardless of your age, social or financial situation. The purpose of this sub is to discuss the physical and spiritual benefits of retaining.
Mens Health

And what people do in the group is, they share their own experiences. For instance, this person, who says that he starts getting attention from people around him the moment he crosses the 30-day mark with semen-retention.

In this thread, people also discuss how not cumming has reduced their social media interactions, and made them more spiritual etc.

Then there’s another thread on the “Traps’ to semen retention, which lists, among other things, ‘women’. In the writer’s words:

Good luck doing this with a wife or girlfriend. One can but one will have to just tell her the business up front, be a man, and not back down. The right woman is great sure. Statistically hard to find. And holy moley if you end up with the wrong one.

Very interested in knowing who is the ‘wrong woman’ in this context? Anyway, so you see some of the stuff here is also questionable, but their overall theme is to maintain the chi or life force energy.

They also make threads where people can ask questions, which are answered by the community.

Apart from this, there is a lot of conversation around spirituality and energy and the concept of the ‘ideal man’. 

All good till it’s respectful. As the subreddit bio says, “Good luck brothers”.